Custom Plastic Mold & Tooling Services

Plastic parts tooling is the process of manufacturing custom molds for plastic parts, resulting in cost-effective plastic parts that are good quality. The components are both affordable and functional. The final plastic parts have a precise fit and finished surface. Tooling requires careful planning to ensure each casting cavity and core of a mold is perfectly designed to manufacture products that meet our clients’ required specifications. GW Millwork has a dedicated space in their warehouse equipped with the latest machinery, tools & equipment to create high quality plastic parts.

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Plastic Parts Tooling Options

Vacuum Forming: A common manufacturing method used to shape plastic materials. During the process, a sheet of plastic is heated and pulled around a single mold using suction.

Plastic Compression Molds: Custom steel molds are placed inside a hydraulic press, which will pressurize and shape the heated plastic.

Benefits of Injection Molding

Fast Delivery: You get the exact part you need in the shortest amount of time, depending on the complexity of the part.

Low Cost: We can cut the cost of production because you do not need to create new molds for mass quantity parts.

Increased Accuracy: Plastic parts tooling helps you gain increased precision and ensures high-standard finished products.

Improved Quality: Tooling ensures the finished product is not only accurate, but is superior quality.

GW Millwork is an expert manufacturer, providing tooling services to ensure you get the exact part you need. Contact GW Millwork by phone or email to discuss plastic parts tooling, millwork pattern and molding options for your commercial or residential renovation project. Our industry capabilities include retail, hospitality, schools, restaurants and more. If you’d like us to bid on your project, send us a bid invitation via email.

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