Foundry Patterns for Sand Casting

Besides our incredible, custom architectural millwork, GW Millwork has an on-site pattern shop. Our highly skilled and experienced pattern makers can create custom sand foundry patterns based on your exact specifications. The GW Millwork pattern shop has a section solely dedicated to serving our foundry customers. We guarantee you will receive the highest quality sand foundry patterns! Our shop is located in Bucks County, PA, which allows us to serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area with shipping available nationwide.

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Traditional Foundry Patterns

Wood is a very popular material for pattern making because of its availability and small mass. Further, wood can form easily with far cheaper cost than metal materials. Our sand-casting pattern makers work closely with our team of engineers to ensure we produce superior quality castings. When you work with GW Millwork, we provide patterns designed to suit your every requirement:

- Sand-casting pattern design consultation
- Experienced engineers & pattern makers
- On-site protected sand-casting pattern storage

Sand Casting Pattern Making

There are two major subtypes of patterns:
1. Reusable ones for sand or plaster casting. These make impressions into many molds. A single pattern can make thousands of molds.
2. Expendable patterns: Made of foam, they are destroyed before casting during the process of making the mold.

Whether you need a few specialty component patterns or a large volume of castings, GW Millwork is equipped with the technology and machinery to meet your demands. Our team of engineers work with in-house pattern makers and our foundry clients to help you achieve your desired results.

Rooted in family traditions and old-world craftsmanship, you can rely on GW Millwork to provide the highest standards in skills, precision and engineering for all patterns and molds. Contact GW Millwork by phone or email to discuss millwork pattern and sand-casting foundry pattern options and to receive a quote.