Custom Fiberglass Patterns & Molds

Fiberglass is strong, long lasting and a cost-effective option to recreate a finished product over and over for years to come. GW Millwork can create custom fiberglass patterns to create a part or product for your unique requirements. Whether you need open (hand-laid or chopped) or closed molding, our expert engineers will help you make the best decision for your pattern application or requirements. Our 20,000 square foot shop is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to create fiberglass patterns of regular and complex profiles. We can create brand new patterns & molds, recreate historic architecture or match existing specs using durable, high-quality fiberglass.

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Expert Fiberglass Patterns Manufacturer

Regardless of the product you want to copy using a fiberglass mold, it starts with a pattern, which is an exact representation of the final product. Providing the highest standards in skills & precision, GW Millwork creates patterns that include the finest details, most intricate designs and complex. You can take these patterns to replicate columns, cornices, panels, etc. Our clients can use them repeatedly to replicate woodwork for construction projects, home renovations and more.

Open & Closed Fiberglass Molding

Open Molding: Open molding is the more flexible process, since there is an unlimited number of sizes, designs, configurations & components we can produce using this method. It involves a single sided mold that becomes the form and surface for your final product.

GW Millwork is located in Bucks County, PA, providing manufacturing services for local businesses with shipping available nationwide. Contact our office by phone or email to discuss fiberglass patterns you need for your business or a commercial or residential renovation project. Our industry capabilities range from retail to food service, hospitality, educational institutes and much more. If you’d like us to bid on your project, send us a bid invitation via email.

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