Custom Millwork for Schools, Universities & Educational Institutes

GW Millwork provides custom architectural millwork services to schools and educational institutes. Backed by 25+ years of experience, our team will design, manufacture and install cabinets, laboratory stations, auditorium, cubbies, computer stations and more for your learning facility. If space is an issue, pieces are produced to maximize space in your classroom or lab space. Our custom millwork furniture is designed, engineered & manufactured at our Bucks County, PA site. This means we have minimal lead times, deliver products on budget and on time – providing the majority of our millwork installations in the summer when school is not in session. If you’d like us to bid on your project, contact us by phone 215-651-8295 or email.

Commercial Retail Fixtures
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Millwork for Construction in Schools

Distinguish your school or university from other educational institutions by upgrading your millwork and woodwork. Our experienced team of designers, craftsmen and installers can take an outdated space and transform it into a beautiful, highly functional facility. We can provide architectural millwork for the following educational institutions:

- K-12 Schools
- Colleges
- Universities
- Faculty Halls
- Dormitories
- Gymnasiums
- Locker Rooms
- Cafeterias
- Classrooms/Laboratories
- Administrative Offices
- And Much More!

Whether you’re building out a new section of your school or upgrading an existing space, GW Millwork will deliver superior millwork products and furniture pieces that meet your exact specifications.

Schools, Educational & Academic Institutions Woodwork

Today’s academic world is extremely competitive; school boards are always looking for ways to stand out and make a lasting impact on potential students and their families. While your academic program & activities are of the utmost importance, the appearance of your educational institute is nearly as important. It is crucial for schools to invest in high quality commercial millwork that reflects your institution’s work in every architectural detail. A few benefits of woodwork for academic buildings includes:

- Provide Outstanding First Impression
- Encourage Students to Spend More Time on Campus
- Less Time Repairing Wear & Tear
- Show Your Institute is Committed to Quality

Contact GW Millwork today to see how we can provide your school with upgrades or a new build with our custom millwork services. We are dedicated to providing superior craftsmanship and customer services throughout the entire process. Reach out by phone or email for more information about our millwork capabilities and to discuss your educational institute project.

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Welding & Metal Fabrication

The durability and strength of much of the modern world's infrastructure is due to metal. Extreme heat, pressure and skilled labor will give metal its final form. Fabrication is the process of making a custom project out of metal; welding joins together two pieces of metal, glass or thermoplastics. GW Millwork can create metal products for a broad range of industries. Our project managers will help from initial layout through design, formation and finishing. We welding and metal fabrication for the following industries:

- Schools & Educational Institutions
- Churches
- Hotels
- Office Buildings
- Medical Industry
- And Much More!