Custom Fiberglass Product Fabrication

GW Millwork is backed by 25+ years of professional experience in both millwork and fiberglass fabrication for mid to large size businesses across the United States. Family owned & operated, we are proudly based in traditions passed down through the generations and old-world craftsmanship. We provide the highest standards in skills, precision and engineering for all fiberglass fabrication products, no matter the size or the industry. Our team consists of designers, engineers and craftsmen who work closely with our clients from conception through the final project. Operating out of our 20,000 square foot warehouse in Bensalem, PA, we offer fabrication & installation to local businesses with shipping available throughout the United States.


Fiberglass Fabrication & Manufacturing

We fabricate a variety of finished fiberglass products in multiple industries including retail, food service, restaurants, hospitality, schools, banks and much more. Our designers and engineers assist throughout the course of the project to meet your design needs, timeline and budget. Utilizing our in-house quality control process, we guarantee the highest standards throughout the entire fiberglass fabrication process. Our warehouse is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to create fiberglass products of all shapes and sizes with the most intricate details. Using AutoCAD, we create precise 2D renderings so clients can see the exact final product before production begins. 

Benefits of Commercial Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass is an extremely popular material used to manufacture a variety of products due to their many benefits. Fiberglass is a lightweight material, but it is stronger than most traditional materials like stone, slate and brick. Further, it can withstand extreme environments without corroding, buckling or warping for many years. Other benefits include the ability to be molded to precise tolerances, cost effective, electrically non-conductive and much more.

Contact our Bensalem, PA office by phone or email to discuss fiberglass fabrication for a wide range of products you need for your business or a commercial or residential renovation project. Our industry capabilities range from retail to food service, hospitality, educational institutes and much more. If you’d like us to bid on your project, send us a bid invitation via email.

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