Commercial Millwork Reception Desks

Commercial millwork desks encompass a wide range of beautiful, standout, custom pieces. Whether it is a hostess stand, self-service station, reception desk or cash wrap, GW Millwork will design, manufacture and install this functional piece of furniture for your retail, food service, hospitality or commercial office space. Your reception desk or hostess stand welcomes your clients and customers into your place of business. It should not only be attention grabbing, but encompass the look, feel and identity of your brand. Allow our designers, manufacturers, engineers, estimators and project managers to work closely with you to create commercial millwork desks that improve the overall feel of your work or welcome area. If you’d like us to bid on a project, contact us by phone 215-651-8295 or email.

GW Millwork Commercial Millwork Reception Desks
GW Millwork Custom Commercial Millwork Desks & Furniture

Custom Millwork Desks & Office Furniture

The design and aesthetics of your office or restaurant entryway may seem inconsequential, but the way your office looks actually says a lot about your company culture and who you are as a brand. GW Millwork can help you through the design process to create a custom millwork desk that emits the style you want portrayed to your customers and enhances your workspace. Your desk will not only be aesthetically pleasing but provide you with additional storage and promote productivity. Our engineers have experience creating and installing commercial millwork desks for receptionists, nurse stations, libraries, restaurants and much more.

Cash Wraps, Retail & Service Counters

Besides one-of-a-kind reception desks for office buildings, GW Millwork also specializes in cash wraps and work counters for retail businesses. We’ll design a retail cash wrap that creates a lasting impression to buyers, encourages purchase and incorporates branding. We assemble and install all our millwork reception desks and cash wraps on site. During the design process, you can select the type of wood, grain patterns, stain color and size of the piece. Other intricate details can also be added like granite tops, LED lighting and much more!

GW Millwork uses only the highest quality materials, computer software and CNC machinery to create unique, beautiful millwork desks for your office, restaurant, retail store or any other industry. Many of our pieces are as much artwork as they are functional pieces of furniture for your workplace. To discuss your commercial millwork desk project, or any of our other capabilities, call our Bensalem PA office at 215-651-8295. If you’d like us to bid on your project, send us a bid invitation via email.

GW Millwork Commercial & Retail Millwork Desks PA